We work with Training Providers, Colleges, Charities & Communities to help empower, engage and progress their clients

S Knights Community Projects is NOT a training provider. We work with a network of specialist providers and work on projects depending on needs of the participants. As a part of S Knights Recruitment we understand what different providers are funded to do. Therefore we can create a learner journey that taps into a number of providers that can help an individual achieve their desired outcome.

We help you engage with learners

So you can focus on delivering the training

Our simple referral system allows you to refer someone or self-refer within 60 seconds. Your application is tracked and your and the learner are communicated with every step of the way.

Current Project

Beats and Barriers

Music Academy

Enrolments every Monday at 11.00am in Digbeth

An innovative approach to traditional Employability Courses. This is a programme working with 19 plus unemployed people in receipt of benifits, engaging with those that people often forget about.

The Academy is two 5 day courses:

  1. Music and Employability
  2. Music and Enterprise

Once you have finished both courses you will receive a FREE TABLET. As part of the courses you will:

  • Complete two accredited training qualifications
  • Make a song in a REAL recording studio
  • Create a song as a group that gets uploaded to soundcloud
  • Work with REAL artists and in a REAL recording studio

How it works

  • A National Training provider delivers the training
  • A different provider comes in and delivers IAG
  • An international record label and studio help them make a song
  • We have links with a provider who can support with free interview clothes
  • We have 3 different providers who come in and signpost the learners to jobs and training they have on offer too

Currently over 70% of people who have signed up to the programme have positively progressed into further training, placements or employment

Job centres / Referral Partners / Training Companies

If you currently work with, are trying to engage with or can support 19 plus unemployed learners and would like to get involved in an existing – or start a new project, please get in touch with us.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to link people and providers together and create innovative projects.

S Knights Community Projects is not a training company and every Project will always have at least one lead training provider.

Contact the team on 0121 227 9786

Ask for the S Knights Community Projects Team

The aim of S Knights Community Projects is to link funded training providers together, add value to learner journeys.

Following recent changes in funding, reports that have been published and the employability and skills landscape, there is a genuine need for innovation, collaboration and partnership working.

Backed by S Knights Recruitment – an employability and skills recruitment agency; S Knights Community Projects has a great platform and access to a great network of providers who can really help people change lives.


Call the team on 0121 227 9786 and ask for the S Knights Community Projects Team